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Rumbbell樣子活潑,更是一個健身高手,與他的朋友們皆來自運動星球,頭部一個個圓形的設計概念,是由10個不同重量的啞鈴組成,方便隨時隨地做運動、展示及教授正確的運動及飲食知識,是市場上罕見以健身運動為主題,傳遞健康形象的授權品牌,加上由著名私人健身顧問Ryan Lee親自創造設計,更令Rumbbell在健身運動界有一定的公信力及影響力,絕對是健身運動界的體育明星。

Rumbbell look lovely, also it is an expert of fitness. His head was created with a circular shape, composed by 10 different dumbbell weights which easily doing exercise anywhere, showing and instructing exercise with proper diet knowledge. With a healthy brand image of licensed, it is rare to find in the market that using fitness and sports as a theme, coupled with the well-known personal fitness consultant- Ryan Lee which even more trustable, influentially and absolutely bringing Rumbbell become a sports stars.

作者利國宏 (RYAN LEE)用累積了18年的專業健身運動知識及對藝術創作的興趣,將兩者結合創作了Rumbbell和「他」的一班朋友;自2009年開始,為多本年輕潮流雜誌撰寫健身運動專欄, 又遊走香港及台灣舉行各樣環繞運動話題的藝術展覽,透過自己與Rumbbell傳遞正確的健身運動方法及健康飲食習慣訊息,並成功改變一班怕做運動的朋友,令他們對運動產生興趣,重新接觸運動變成良好生活習慣,亦可以將相關知識教育給我們的下一代;而隨着近年健身運動流行起來,周邊商品也迅速發展,Rumbbell的啞鈴型擺設及早前出版的四本健身書藉也一直是暢銷商品。

Author (RYAN LEE) within his 18 years of professional fitness knowledge and interesting in art and design creation, which he combined both of its essential and created a set of characters called Rumbbell with its friends since 2009.
He start being active his personal fitness column in all major magazine, surrounded by art exhibitions held in different sports topic in Hong Kong and Taiwan providing a correct concept to do exercise with an ideo concept for eating habit, education the next generation which successful campaign changing a group of people who afraid to do exercise. At the same time, the successful lunch of Rumbbell which fundamentally changes our mind of doing exercise and making it as our daily habits. In the main while, fitness is getting more and more popular, wide range of products are all related to fitness and training out the market. Therefore, Ryan Lee also design some related products, which is also one of the best-selling products on the market: such as the Dumbbell-shaped decorations and four of his books.

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